Antibody Production through Genetic Immunization

All antibodies from this program are now available through Abcam.

Antibodies can no longer be ordered directly through our center. However, this website continues to maintain information pages and Western blot images about the antibodies we produced.

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As of 31 January 2006, the ASU CIM Antibody Core has 1256 antibodies produced or in production.
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What is Genetic Immunization?

    Genetic immunization is a technology invented by Dr. Stephen Johnston and colleagues which delivers antigen-coding DNA into the animal (Tang et al., Nature v.356, pp.152-154, 1992). The animal's cells produce the protein, which stimulates the animal's immune system to produce antibodies against that particular protein. We have developed a highly efficient genetic immunization-based method for generating antibodies (Chambers & Johnston, Nature Biotechnology, v.21, pp.1088-1092, 2003).
     Genetic immunization offers enormous advantages over the traditional protein-based immunization method. DNA is faster, cheaper and easier to produce and can be produced by the same standard technique that is readily amenable to automation. Furthermore, the antibodies generated by genetic immunization are usually of superior quality with regard to specificity, affinity and recognizing the native protein.

What are Biosignatures?

In biology, biochemistry, and biomedical research, biosignatures are biological indicators obtainable through assays (such as a blood sample) which can be used to ascertain facts about an individual's health or disease state. Peptides and antibodies are examples of biochemical constructs that can be used to measure biosignatures and thus determine if, for example, a person has been infected with a particular disease, prior to their actually exhibiting symptoms.

Pre-Made Antibodies

High-quality pre-made antibodies produced using our new technology.

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